Friday, January 14, 2011

Vote on your favorite IR Paranormals

I started a list on goodreads for IR paranormal books. Please give it a look and maybe add some books.

Keeper Of The Way by Shirin Dubbin

I was actually excited to read this book. The imagery was pretty damn wonderful and the picture I got of the different species and the party was magnificent. There was one problem ... One major problem ... The book ended before I could blink.

It felt like just the beginning. Everything that happened ... Felt like it was just the beginning and their should have been more. I kind of feel sucker-punched, lol.

This book had massive potential to be amazing and I can find myself easily hooked on this author, but if more of her books are this short, I might stay away ... Only because I'll want more and know I can't get it.

How many stars do I give it? I don't know ... I feel like I don't have a whole book to rate. I'm lost! LOL ...

I think I will buy the Dreams' Dark Kiss from ... Seems to be longer than Keeper Of The Way and therefore I can really get lost in it the way that I like to.

Here's my plea to Shirin Dubbin ... GIVE US MORE KEEPER OF THE WAY! Lol.

3 Stars?
IR: Nia (biracial)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Upcoming Books

I've read the entire Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Mostly, I bought the book from Half Priced Books, or borrowed them from a friend, the last I bought for Kindle. I looked up the next book entitled Lover Unleased and I found that it's a hardcover and for $15!!! Is anyone else completely appalled by that price? I am ... I see nothing about a Kindle version and I refuse to buy that book if I don't get a $7.99 or less Kindle version. Release date is March 29, 2011.

Iron Crowned, for me, was more anticipated than Mercy Blade (until I read Mercy Blade and it blew everything out of the water), but when I saw the hideous cover, I backed off a bit, plus I hadn't been keeping up with Richelle Mead's blog as I had been. Anywho, Iron Crowned is book 3 of the Dark Swan series. It's a series that's overshadowed by the vampire bandwagon that people are on right now. When this book comes out, please give it a try. I know it will be amazing, as the other two books were. Release date is February 22, 2011.

Dark Swan 3 - Richelle Mead
Black Dagger Brotherhood 9 - JR Ward
Shadowchasers 3 - Seressia Glass
Darkyn #? - Lynn Viehl (she told me that the publisher didn't want to continue the series but I'm holding out hope still).
Ashen Twilight 3 - Rae Lori
Hunter Kiss 4 - Marjorie Liu

BittenByBooks Chat with Faith Hunter had a chat session and contest going on with Faith Hunter and I got some questions answered. This is great. Normally I'm never home for a chat session with my favorite author and just happened to catch this one today. Although there was a contest going on, I was really only interested in Faith Hunter, Jane Yellowrock and Beast. BTW, I feel like such a nerd for being so excited about this!

1. I recently just talked 3 people into buying your book. I bought the book AND the Kindle version. So first question, do you get more purchases from the physical book or the Ebook?

FH: Physical book at this point, but that is always fluid.

2. Second question, If Gee were not a Mercy Blade and just a vamp, would Jane consider him as a mate?

FH: Beast might. :) Jane has enough men in her life right now!

3. Third question, does Beast like Gee as a mate for Jane?

FH: Beast wants someone strong, so she would go for a good fighter!

4. Fourth question, Evie got burned so I doubt she’ll try to trick Jane ever again, but do you think she would? She has an agenda and it’s killing me to find out what it is.

FH: Then Raven Cursed is right up your alley. Raven Cursed is aaaaall about Evie!

5. I appreciate a good IR paranormal and therefore appreciate the use of many different races in your books. I especially love the fact that Jane is Native American. What made you go forth with using a Native American heroine?

FH: I discovered that my ethnic history is huge % of Cherokee and Choctaw. A personal quest into the Cherokee mythos led me there.

6. I have a thing for Derek and the Vodka boys. Are they purely fictional or based off of someone you know?

FH: Fictional, but maybe (just a bit) based on the Unit TV show.

7. Will we see the Grindy again? And I mean get to see him this time and not just a blur, lol.

FH: Yes. We will! Raven Cursed!

8. After reading Blood Cross, I was really looking forward to more of Angelina, will we see more of her in Raven Cursed?

FH: Yes, we will. Um… Raven Cursed!

9. I know Mercy Blade JUST came out but I’m already waiting for Raven Cursed. When do you think it will be out?

FH: Deva, I think it will be in January 2012, but I am hoping a place opens up in the Pub’s list and they insert it in early. Hey, I can hope! Fingers crossed!


Is anyone else as excited for Raven Cursed as I am? GEEZE! Long time away!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Mercy Blade by Faith Hunter

Jane Yellowrock, Book 3

Is it a rule that the highest star value a book can get is 5? I sure hope not cause this book was a 10.

This is definitely the best of the series. Yes, I loved the other two but this was on a whole different level. The action was nearly non stop and the ending ... I'm FUMING ... It's a good fuming.

I usually do a Good Point/Bad Point but everything in this book was amazing. Evie (Molly's sister) will throw you for a loop and you will be PISSED but still love everything.

I can't even give a proper review because I'm just trembling with excitement.

Maybe I should calm down and start again?

NO ... Ok ... There's more action in this than the last two, the 'who did what' is way more intricate ... There's more chocolate in this book *cheeky smile* in the form of the Mercy Blade ... Jane is like ...

Ok there's a part where she's basically just gone Beastial in human form and her voice drops an octave and just ... Amazingness happens.


Heavy anticipation for the next book. Big hi-5 to Faith Hunter who has dethroned Richelle Mead as my favorite author (even though I still love her dearly).

10 Stars
IR: Derek and the Vodka boys are black.
IR: Deon is black and gay.
IR: Mercy Blade is a black french spaniard with chocolate skin (yum)
IR: Many of the vampires of note are black or mixed heritage
IR: Rick is actually French and Native American, I didn't pick up on that in the last books.