Saturday, January 8, 2011

Vicious Grace by M.L.N. Hanover

Black Suns Daughters, Book 3

Any negative comment I've made about this series in the past, I take back fully. This book redeemed the whole series to the point of anticipation for book 4.


This book takes us to Grace Memorial Hospital in Chicago, IL. There are some weird things going on in the sleep ward. Right off the bat, Dr. Oonishi and Kim (Aubrey's ex) are working on basically seeing dreams. Later in the book, we find how Kim, with all of her education, was stuck doing research under this Doctor.

Great Point 1: Jayne, although she's still young (24 now), she's grown up a lot since the last book and that made her so much more likable for me.

Great Point 2: Jayne's blurbs about her life before the inheritance are very deliberate and are directly relevant to whatever situation they're in.

Good Point 3: Whatever wards or protections that Eric placed on Jayne have scared her now. Ex and Chogyi agree that magic fades and they wonder when her protections will fall. Sure, she's been afraid about her new abilities in the past, but now it's got her really trying to figure out what her problem is and the VERY LAST LINE of the book ... She seems to have an idea. A plausible and amazing idea of what her deal is (especially since she finds she's getting stronger).

Good Point 4: In order to calm whatever was going on in the hospital, a sacrifice had to be made and Chogyi offered himself up to be that. Thankfully, Jayne talked another person into filling that role, especially since Chogyi couldn't fill it due to an injury.

Good Point 5: MAJOR SPOILER: Jayne and Aubrey break up. In the last book, we find out that Kim was sleeping with Eric. In this book, Kim lets the cat out of the bag. The manner in which we find out is pretty explosive as well as the details involved. It makes Jayne question the type of person her uncle was at all. This break up, in my opinion, was much needed. I felt as though the two together served no purpose. I even felt Aubrey served no purpose other than to help Chogyi and Ex read books. So Aubrey wont be missed.

Bad Point 1: Midian is mentioned in this book but does not appear.
Bad Point 2: Black Suns Daughters are mentioned for probably 1 line and nothing comes from it.

Overall, this book was a page turner. I was never annoyed with Jayne as I was in previous books. The dream presentation in the beginning caught me and held me the entire way through. The new information we received about Eric, Kim and Jayne was refreshing. Jayne was proactive in this book. Yes, she was in every book, but now she's using her head ... Sort of. More so than before. Also, this is the first book in a long time that I've had a bit of trouble sleeping after reading it, lol. She was smarter this time around and I can tell she's learning and developing and I absolutely can't wait for the next book the series. CAN'T WAIT!

4 1/2 Stars

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Changing Things Around

I've had Nekropolis and Sins of the Heart on my list for a while and have officially put them down. Nekropolis actually seems as though it should be interesting but it's moving entirely too slow to hold my attention so I'll pick it up again later.

Sins of the Heart started off AMAZING and then dwindled down to pages upon pages of history with a bit of action in between. I realize that back story and info dumps are necessary but my attention is wandering elsewhere.

The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms I started a bit after the two above and haven't yet been able to make myself like it. A lot of info dumps have taken place and not much of anything else. One thing did catch my attention but I didn't actually want to continue reading after being bored so much in the beginning.

All 3 I will pick up later.

GREAT NEWS ... Vicious Grace by MLN Hanover and Mercy Blade by Faith Hunter are out and I have them in my hands. I opted out of getting the Kindle version only because I already have the rest of the series on my shelf. I'm starting them today and am incredibly excited.

Also ... On goodreads, I was contacted by Shirin Dubbin, the author of Keeper Of The Way, just to say hi and other random things. She's a very nice woman and I look forward to reading the book.