Thursday, December 1, 2011

Killing Rites by M.L.N. Hanover

Black Suns Daughters, Book 4

Well ... Jayne kicked some ass in this book. I was so excited to get this when it came out on the 29th and finished this book in 1 day. Jayne and Ex are now in New Mexico as Ex is taking her to meet with some people who could further answer the question of if Jayne is being ridden. You get a hand full of religious zealots that do nothing that perform exorcisms, give them Jayne in full on kick-ass mode and then you get one big pile of everything going wrong. But it all went wrong in the best way possible.

Jayne volunteers herself to be exorcised and you know what the great part about this is? HIGHLIGHT FOR SPOILERS, Her rider speaks to her in this book and begs her not to. SO FREAKIN AWESOME. The conversations, well, mini conversations were great because now we know what's going on, what's being thought and how things are being carried out in reference to that. SPOILER, their are even moments where the rider takes over Jayne's voice so it can speak on situations and not just to Jayne and that really made the book for me.

1) Midian! Midian, although brief, gives Jayne some advice that kicks her into gear. I've always felt like Jayne needed to be more proactive and stop being a victim. This is exactly what Midian tells her to do and when she realizes he's right, things go the way they should. 2) Aubrey is mentioned but that's all. *pumps fist* 3) I don't know why I have a thing for Chogyi Jake but I do. 4) The group of priests who are performing these exorcisms have a very nice sense of humor. It stood out for me, personally, because when I read about a priest, he's usually very stoic with no personality at all so this is a welcomed change. 5) FINALLY we find out what's up with the Black Suns Daughter. 6) This book makes me want to read the entire series all over again in anticipation for the next book.

Recommended? Hell yes!

Casting: Jayne Heller = Nina Dobrev, Chogyi Jake = Ralph Fiennes, Ex = Joaquin Phoenix

5 Stars

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