Monday, December 5, 2011

Betrayal by AC Mason

Aequitas, Book 1

I'm a little confused. How can I start this? I'm confused. Ok ... This was a short but very good read. I can't help but wonder what a full novel would have been like. I also feel that a full length novel would give the reader more time to digest the characters as a whole. The book was good. The use of the word 'cock' was kept to a minimum and the sex scenes weren't bad so I have no cause to complain much. But ... I'm just a little confused.

I really don't know how to write this review.

I think things moved a little too fast for me. There's so much back story on both General and Etienne and we only get the bare minimum. That's why I feel like I need more room. Not only that, Gabriel, Deimos and others need more explanation in reference to our main characters.

I'm confused! Lol.

Ok let me just ... Ok ... 1)I felt as though General was a really well written heroine but can't help but feel like the brain in her pants overrules the brain in her head. Yes, that's usually said of a man but this is a female and therefore all the more interesting. There is reason for it but I felt like a woman this strong should not have to deal with that as a weakness. 2) Etienne bored the shit out of me. It wasn't that he was completely boring, he was just such a good guy that you would easily over look him ... In the beginning. 3) Deimos really intrigued me and I am really interested in finding out more about him overall. 4) The transformation of both our hero and heroine are like ... I swear it was like 2 different people. Sure, for Etienne ... But I didn't expect that for General. 5) The ending left me saying 'where the hell is the rest of it?' It was a hell of a cliffhanger.

Recommended? Yes. Will I get book 2? Yes.
Casting: General - Ada De La Cruz, Etienne - Christian Bale

3 1/2 Stars.
IR: General (AA? Half AA? Just light skinned maybe)

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