Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Black Magic Woman by Christine Warren

A Novel Of The Others, Book 4

Somewhere in New York, a newlywed is enjoying her wedding reception. At that same reception, her older sister is convincing an Imp to take her to a club frequented by Others. Not only does this prove to be stupid, but proves to be annoying. Well, it wasn't the club that annoyed me, it was our heroine, Daphanie. From what I can tell, Daphanie is a light skinned black woman (could be half white) with an attitude problem that rivals that of a hoodrat. She in no way talks like a hoodrat but the attitude is there.

This is a hard review to write. I finished the book last night but haven't decided if I liked it. Well, I must have if I finished the book in 2 days time, but liked it? Meh ... I love Warren's writing style and character distinctions, I even loved the dialogue but there was something missing. I don't know what but it just wasn't there for me. My favorite thing about this was Asher's voice. Asher was just another hothead like in other books I've read but his voice is magnificent. His voice, I believe, comes with the territory that is his job and when he speaks a certain way, you damn well better do what he said. A 'powerful' whisper was enough to make a woman pass out. I giggle. His look is that of a statue of a roman God, IMO, but with a buzz cut. Damn I liked that too. How often do we see heroes with buzz cuts? Like never!

1) I kind of felt like the author was afraid to include a black person of a brown skin tone and darker. Any black person mentioned was light. Daphanie was described as having dusty skin, coffee and creme. Sure, there's nothing wrong with that at all ... Black is Black ... But I kinda like my Black to have some variety. 2) Some character descriptions were missing for me while others were painfully clear. 3) The story itself was good although I'm not a fan of voodoo. No reason why, it just isn't my thing. 4) Thankfully, we get to see some shape shifter and vamps. 5) But I just fail to understand why they're jumping through hoops to help a woman they didn't know existed the day before. Well, she was under Guard by Asher, but still, the accommodations made for her were ridiculous. They treated her like family from second 1. 6) No closure. We don't know what happened with Asher and Daphanie's new found relationship seeing as how he can't die and she's human. HIGHLIGHT FOR A SPOILER We also don't know how they dispose of the voodoo doll that was controlling Daphanie.

Overall the book was good. I liked it but I think not having any closure (plus a lack luster ending) left me at a sour note. Recommended? Absolutely. Will I continue the series? Not sure. If I find out that I get some closure for the above, then yes.

If you need a visual ... I could see Melanie Fiona as Daphanie. For Asher, Carey Hart (P!nk's husband).

3 1/2 Stars
IR: Daphanie (AA), Asher

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