Monday, October 3, 2011

Mistress To The Beast by Eve Vaughn

Every now and then I branch out and read a little something different. I'm still not quite sure what made me read this book other than the fact that it was Interracial but during my time reading it, I found it wasn't so bad.

Lila is a nurse who is taking care of her sick father. Immediately we get that Lila is stunning and will do anything to care for her father, which she does. Hunter Jamison is nicknamed The Beast and is basically looking for a live-in f*ck buddy. He had an accident that left his more than scarred on one side of his face so he's having a hard time keeping women even just for sex. Lila, however, offers herself to him in exchange for Hunter to leave her fathers store alone.

Honestly, I don't know what I was expecting and don't know what I thought about it. If you've seen Beauty and the Beast, this reminds you a lot of it but of course with some X rated things going on. It wasn't badly done and I actually like the fact that Lila didn't just fall for the guy simply because it was the cliche thing to do. There was a friendship built first and a trust that lead to things going more smoothly.

Scarred or not, Hunter is a douche but a damn fine one and should be allowed to do anything he wants in this world or the next, lol.

3 Stars
IR: Lila (AA)

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