Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mind Games by Carolyn Crane

The Disillusionist Trilogy, Book 1

Justine is a hypochondriac.

Enough said.

No really ... I have a relative that I've always called a hypochondriac so hearing about this immediately had me purchasing it. She thinks she's about to die of Vein Star syndrome and uses up the majority of her life thinking it's about to happen. I'm talking about the crazy amounts of research, talking about it to loved ones ... Which she only has 1, Cubby ... and thinking about it day in and day out. She is literally consumed with thoughts of this.

One day, she goes into a place called Mongolian Delights and that starts her journey towards healing. Packard is the owner/boss of this restaurant and basically offers her something that she can't refuse.

I, for one, refuse to give you any details as you really need to read it yourself and the full understanding of the Disillusionists. Well, I'll just tell you this. Since Justine is a hypochondriac, she is paired with criminals who have some kind of underlying medical condition that may or may not be real. She goes in and amps it up about a hundred percent (in combination with things that other people do like amp up gambling or low self esteem), and basically watches them crumble the come back as a good person.

Along the way, we get to know the targets, why they're chosen as targets and what it all leads up to. I wasn't expecting for things to turn out the way they did. I'm surprised and happy with one thing but a little disappointed with the other. But still, overall, the book was awesome, I've already purchased book 2 and will start on it when I have more free time.

4 Stars

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