Monday, September 19, 2011

Crossroads by Jeanne C. Stein

Anna Strong, Book 7

It seems like it's been too long since book 6 came out that by the time this one came out, I'd completely forgotten nearly everything that happened in book 6. I skimmed it over ... Awesome ... I get to this ... Pretty good.

It's starting to get predictable that when you're dealing with Native American people in a paranormal book, that there is a Skinwalker running around. I knew, automatically, that someone would be a Skinwalker just because of the word 'Navajo.' Yes, it was that easy to me. Blame my author goddess Faith Hunter, cause no one does a Skinwalker like her. Anywho ... Anna is given an offer she almost can't refuse. Because of this offer, she finds herself on a Navajo reservation with Daniel Frey ... Why, do you ask? What prompted this offer from an enemy? The one person in the world she wants to tell to f*** off ... Max.

A tragedy on the reservation changes the entire reason for the trip down there and thus causes Anna to evaluate her life as it is, life as it was, and life as it possibly could be. Sure, her answer was predictable but there was a lot of fun to be had before arriving at that conclusion.

1. There was no effective use of a Skinwalker. If you're gonna do a Skinwalker, do it!

2. Harris ...? Hmm ... That's all I'll say. Hopefully we'll go into depth in book 8.

3. Where will Anna and Stephen end up now that Anna has had this revelation?

4. What of Daniel Frey? What of his relationship with Anna?

5. Less throat ripping in this book and I was a bit disappointed but still it was decent.

Overall ... 3 1/2 Stars. I'm sticking with the series because I'm too invested in Anna, Frey and Max to turn away.

By the way ... I've always disliked the female representation of Anna on the cover. Why? Last I remember, Anna has short black hair ... See that on the covers? No? I don't either. But I feel the rest of it is accurate, outside of the weaponry ...

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