Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Shadow Fall by Seressia Glass

Shadowchasers, Book 3

This review is going to be biased because I've found out recently that this series will no longer be continued. CLICK HERE to get info. The link is to an interview Seressia Glass did and she said that there would be no more of this series ... Leaving us hanging like hell.

Alright ... I'm just a tad bit disappointed with this book. I went back and re-read the 2nd book to prep myself for this one so i could make a clean transition. I loved the 2nd one and had very high hopes for this one. Don't get me wrong, it's good, but not as good as the 2nd one. Then again, I do believe I'm viewing it differently because I know this is the end of a series.


In this book, we get some answers but we're also still left hanging with a lot.

Bernie had an artifact that proved to be SUPER important to Kira and thus inspired the chain of events that brought him to his death. Not only that, but we got a lot of good information about Kira's birth parents so she gets closure as far as that is concerned. Anansi leaves Kira and Khefar to visit his wife but basically doesn't return and doesn't answer calls from Khefar around the same time Balm goes silent. Although we reunite with Balm again, we never get to find out why Anansi never reappeared. Theirs conflict with Wynne and Zoo that doesn't get resolved. Section chief Sanchez is still a bit of a mystery to me. I don't trust her and neither does Kira. Hell, neither does Khefar. We meet up with some were-hyenas. One in particular asks to be a Shadowchaser. Kira brings it up to the section chief but since the series has ended, we won't know what happens with that, what went on with the shadow-touched were-hyena. Whats going on in Atlanta? Apparently an Illuminator being staffed in Gilead East was a big deal. We won't find out what's going on there.

And the big issue ... How the hell is a relationship going to work between Kira and Khefar since Khefar basically can't die. *crickets chirping*

This isn't a proper review ... Of course none of my reviews are proper reviews seeing as how I'm way too scatterbrained (I have ADD) to give one. So I really think my rambling is justified and I'm not quite sure if I liked it.

No ... yes ... I liked it ... The action was good, the twists and turns were good ... But knowing this is the last of a series and questions won't get answered ... I can't give it 5 stars. Dammit ... And I love me some Seressia ...

3 Stars (just because it's an unjustified end)

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