Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fae Eye For The Golem Guy by Robert Roman

Book 1

I have nothing actually against the writer or the story but I chose not to continue with this book.

Steampunk is something VERY new to me and thought I could really open myself up to a whole new type of urban fantasy/paranormal world that I never looked into before, but ... I just didn't really like it. Golems are unfamiliar territory for me. When I read Dreams' Dark Kiss by Shirin Dubbin, I also had the problem of not knowing what kind of world I was being thrown into. I know about vamps and all the other good stuff but I just couldn't get into golems and all the other things I was unfamiliar with. So because of that, I lost interest, tried to pick it up, but still couldn't finish.

Again ... Nothing against the story or writer ... I just don't really like Steampunk.

0 Stars

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