Thursday, July 14, 2011

Heart Of Stone by C.E. Murphy

The Negotiator Trilogy, Book 1

It is painfully evident as to why this series is called The Negotiator Trilogy. Our heroine, Margrit Knight, is a world class negotiator. Her skills are ridiculously sick ... Superior even. She's a lawyer, which makes a lot of sense, and basically finds a way to BS her way into the lives of the people of the Old Races. Well, I can't say that she completely BS'd her way into their lives when somethings basically landed at her doorstep.

Heart Of Stone is a play on a gargoyle, Alban, who finds himself suspected of murder and actually has a thing for Margrit that he's been harboring for quite some time. Stone, of course, being he turns to stone in the day but really is a big softie and I dug him.

I'm not quite sure how to review this book. I loved it. Really loved it. I think because it took such a different turn that the way I viewed it became different. This wasn't a standard, run of the mill, one-dimensional paranormal like I thought it would be. We're sticking in a real murder mystery with a cop who's involved with the heroine while she's trying to figure out how to clear their number 1 suspect.

No romance in this book, which is a huge plus for me. There was a moment where something could have happened but things took a left turn and then someone was beat up, lol. But honestly, this book bordered Paranormal and ran right into Thriller/Murder Mystery. I loved it. It was such a page turner and can't wait to start on book 2.

Margrit has become one of my favorite heroines. She's human and real with all the vulnerabilities that come with it but has a sharp as hell mine, quick tongue and a drive that you would NEVER find in a real lawyer unless he were getting paid the big bucks.

4 Stars
IR: Margrit (AA)


  1. I love the Negotiator Trilogy. It's a shame that the author had to fight to keep her MC black.
    ( )

    And looking at your TBR list in the sidebar...

    The Disillusionist Trilogy is very good (anxiously awaiting the last book).

    The Inheritance Trilogy is also very good (again, impatiently waiting for book 3, The Kingdom of Gods).

    The Better Part of Darkness is a great book (light on the romance). Fortunately, book 2, The Darkest Edge of Dawn, is already out and book 3, The Hour of Dust and Ashes, will be released at the end of August).

    I read Tananarive Due's My Soul to Keep and enjoyed the book, but was disappointed with the ending. And it was hard for me to get into The Living Blood, but I did enjoy it once I got over my animosity regarding certain events that happened in the first book...and because these books are so intense, I still can't bring myself to read Blood Colony yet.

    Another good series that you might want to check out if you haven't already is Seanan McGuire's October Daye Series (beginning with Rosemary and Rue).

    You might also like Jennifer Estep's Elemental Assassin series (beginning with Spider's Bite).

  2. Thanks so much for the feedback and suggestions. I'm going to grab those ASAP!