Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Vampire Huntress Series ... Revisited

It's no secret that I've had my share of issues with LA Banks' Vampire Huntress series. After taking a look back at the series, that I bought and read in its entirety, I miss it dearly.

The Bitten was my favorite book of the whole series while every other book paled in comparison, but still, a main complaint I have about books I've recently read was a complaint I never had about the Vampire Huntress Series.

It seems like every book I've read recently (with the exception of 1) has had erotic writing in it that made me want to vomit and die but never once did this happen while reading VH series. When I first got back to reading heavily, I decided I wanted to live in a fantasy world where the heroines looked like and the heroes looked like a past, current or future boyfriend, lol so I went with IR paranormals and urban fantasy. Upon beginning to search for books, the first one I found (which is most likely on this blog) was a disgusting display of erotic writing. It was so appalling to me that I stopped reading only about 4 pages in ... And because of that, the tone was set for every book I've read after that. I immediately decided that I wouldn't read any IR paranormals that had even the faintest bit of sex in it. I got really lucky for a while with books that weren't IR but very good and set the standard there.

By the time I'd thought about getting into LA Banks, I was against it. It seemed like for every good review, their were 2 bad ones and I just didn't want to fool with it but I did anyway. And unknowingly, even though I complained, it was one of the best decisions I'd made as far as a long and finished series goes.

So now that I've finished a series that disgusted me, I miss Carlos and Damali's love making simply because it never made me feel as though I was reading porn.

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