Saturday, June 4, 2011

Stripped by Marcia Colette

Book 1

Our story begins at a strip club called Trixie's Tricks which is home to a stripper/bouncer named Keisha Walker. The author, Marcia Colette, wastes no time in letting us know that Keisha is not happy with her life and somehow finds out this isn't her life at all. She 'wakes up' and finds that she doesn't know anyone, where she is, why they're calling her Keisha and wants to get away as fast as she can.

Giving you any more of the book will spoil it all so I'll keep this brief ... "Keisha" turns out to be pretty bad ass. As she gets her life together and winds up home, we meet Matthieu York who is a wolf and has a thing for "Keisha." During this book, as "Keisha" is trying to get her life back together, she learns of her half-wolf status, Matt's alpha wolf likeness (even though he's not actually an alpha) and more than 1 SOB who wants to take her down.

The great thing about the lead male, Matt, is that he was established as an alpha-beta. Although Matt wasn't the actual pack Alpha, he was "Keisha's" alpha but to me, he didn't seem very alpha at all. If anything, Matt is very much a beta given the title of alpha and he played it well.

I've fallen in love with this couple and the characters but for the second book, I really hope we can get to meet "Keisha's" parents and friends from her past life and also learn more about Dane who's a 90 year old extra sexy Native wolf. Near sex only, but no actual sex scenes so you guys know I was VERY pleased with that. I just loved it. I was glued to the book to the point where I was reading it in the movie theater when I took the kids to see Kung Fu Panda 2, lol. The action could have been better given the type of heroine we were dealing with, but still I enjoyed it.

3 Stars
IR: "Keisha" (aa/na) Matt (w)

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