Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sins Of The Heart by Eve Silver

Otherkin, Book 1

My opinion of this book is a little jaded. I started it months ago, was thrilled with how it began, then it bored me and caused me to put it down until now. The only reason I picked it up again is because my goodreads group is reading it as this months challenge. But still, even though I went through a rough period with it, I ended up liking it in the end.

First thing's first ... Dagan Krayl saves the life of an unknown woman named Roxy Tam more than 10 years ago. Since then, they've only dreamt of each other despite only knowing one another for a few minutes. Years later, Dagan is 'called' back to Roxy and their meeting wasn't what I thought it would be. Roxy got on my damn nerves. Sure, it's never bothered me before when a heroine (especially a black one) is outspoken, tough and independent, but Roxy was almost childish and very annoying. Dagan wasn't annoying at all and it made me wonder why in the world he would deal with a woman who I would want to choke on a regular basis. Anyway ... Once they finally do meet, the book picks up. The period of separation gives us insight as to who Dagan is, what he does and what's going on with the story at hand.

Dagan's brother, Loki, is missing and presumed dead, which is hard to believe since he was supposed to be immortal. Somehow Roxy is weaved into all this along with a child a Soul Reaper is looking for. Like I said, the story itself is great, but the separation period was really boring. But then again, it's the first book in a series and a lot of information must be thrown in. Then ... At the end ... There is a bit of a twist thrown in in regards to Roxy thanks to her beginning with Dagan.

The sex is kept to a minimum and it wasn't hard to get through except I just hate the word 'c*ck' with a passion. Will I read book 2? Absolutely ... Normally I feel this way about 1st In Series' so I think I might dig the 2nd.

3 Stars.
IR: Roxy (AA)

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