Monday, June 6, 2011

Serati's Flame by TJ Michaels

Vampire Council of Ethics, Book 2

With book 2, we're back on the inside of the VCOE as opposed to Book 1 which spent half of it's time outside of it. This book focuses on Alaan's infatuation with Tameth and her coming to grips with a dead woman, Sher, she feels he's still pining for. There's not a lot to report in this book. We see Bix, Carin and their 2 children, Alaina and Russian, as well as more of Kenoe ... Hatsept who left home at a young age and joined the academy to become a Seeker. He is also the best friend to Tameth and she uses him to make Alaan jealous, which was successful might I add.

I felt like a lot of Tameth's feelings about Sher were justified, but also in true woman fashion, she would bring it up to Alaan and there would be a problem. Even though their troubles didn't last long, I hated she went that route in the first place considering how badass she's supposed to be. Nonetheless, she was never a woman like Xhex from BDB so what went on here fit.

My attention, throughout the whole book, was on Kenoe. First of all, I love his name. It doesn't fit a man who's pale with light blue eyes and white hair, but it's as sexy as he is and he made me damn happy.

Again, same complaints as the first VCOE book. The sex scenes were too long ... And that reminds me. We get a threesome in this book ... Alaan, Tameth and Kenoe ... Weird. I still dont fully understand why Alaan allowed it. I mean I do understand but it doesn't fit with the THIS WOMAN IS MINE type of vibe the men give out over their mates ... That really didn't fit. Not that it wasn't welcomed. It just didn't fit IMO. Anywho ... Looking forward to book 3 as Kenoe is the center of attention.

2 Stars
IR: Lots going on not dealing with Tameth/Alaan

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