Monday, May 9, 2011

Surrender The Dark by LA Banks

Book 1, Angels Series

Celeste Jackson is an alcoholic who's lived a hard life. She has mental problems and a boyfriend who does nothing but treat her like trash. After he's killed, Celeste runs and finds a fine physical specimen in her presence that claims to be an Angel. After much debate, only seeing proved to be believing for her.

I skipped a lot of this book. As I've stated before ... Neteru Academy Book 1 was my first experience with LA Banks and once I finished that, I went to read everything else she'd written in the paranormal genre. Once I read them, I find that LA Banks has a formula that works for her but doesn't work for me ... Her first books in a series are chucked full of information that's repeated in 10 different ways through out the book. Not much action in the first books either which is a downer for me. So like with her other books, it took a while for me to even get interested in continuing.

When I first started, I thought the concept was interesting but it was just so slow to keep moving. Aside from that ... I thought the 'romance' was actually pretty innocent despite one scene and is something that will pull me back to the series. This woman is dealing with angels, hers of course, Azreal aka the Angel Of Death, is new to the earth dimension and is trying to maintain his connection to The Light while leading Celeste there and not giving into human free will.

Along the way, the only other interesting character in the book was Aunt Niecy, who died at the end. Not even Nathaniel, the bad guy, was interesting to me. Everyone on the dark side was so lack luster that they didn't even seem remotely close to being a threat despite their reputation.

The second book comes out in October of this year and I'll definitely be picking that one up at Wal-mart (where this one was $5.99) when it hits the shelves. Despite wanting to get it, I'll still give it a low rating just because I was so bored I had to make myself get through it.

2.5 Stars

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