Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pack Challenge by Shelly Laurenston

Magnus Pack, Book 1

As you can see on the right, I was actually supposed to be reading Bear Necessities but the first few pages bored me so that I skipped out and decided to start on this short book instead. Pack Challenge is book 1 of the Magnus Pack series and features Sara, a shapeshifter who has no idea she IS a shapeshifter. She's flanked by two friends, a latina with high fashion sense - Angelina, and a literally brilliant black female named Miki.

Our story begins with the usual humdrum of friends out having a nice night out as Sara decides to get sloppy drunk and squeeze a mans balls at a bar. That man turns out to be our alpha male, Zach, who is next in line to be the actual alpha male of his Pack. Later in the book, we find that Sara has been protected for over 20 years by a series of real wolves and wolf shifters in the tiny Texas town they live in, all because her grandmother, who raised her, made sure that she didnt know she was a shifter at all.

The book is short. It may be the same length as Hunting Season but this one went a lot faster but with less action and fun stuff along the way. I didn't like Zach at all. I thought he was boring and seemed a lot like a big guy who wanted to be bad, not an actual big guy who was bad. The intimidation wasn't there at all. Marrec, on the other hand, it was all there for him ... I could feel his fatherly love for Sara but everything lacked for Zach except his wanting to have sex with her. BTW, the word 'pussy' is thrown around quite a bit during sex scenes. I guess I'm just used to it being called something else, or simply described.

Anywho ... Nothing at all interesting to report. I started the series because I'd been wanting to get to Go Fetch (Book 2) for a while and since the series is only 3 books long, I'd go for it. Also, I thought it was kind of cute how the book got named Go Fetch ... There's a part at the end of this book where Miki throws a tennis ball expecting some of the Pack members to go fetch it. They all look at her as if she were crazy but some time later, Conall comes up to her with the tennis ball in hand and tells her she dropped it. Now we enter book two, Go Fetch, lol.

2 Stars
IR Potential: Conall (w) wants Miki (b)

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