Monday, May 23, 2011

No more shifters for me ... At least for a while

I realized that while reading Bear Necessities, that I'm tired of reading about shifting.


The mating.

I realized that during my read, I got really tired of these men finding their mate, becoming super possessive and ready to have sex and deliver a mate mark in the matter of just a figurative hour. When I read about vampires ... I don't have to deal with that. In many cases, their courtship is a lot like a humans depending on what you read, but the vast majority don't do the 'MINE' and bite you so no one else can have you all over a nice dinner and movie. I mean sure, some vamps do it, but at least they're smooth with their ish.

So hopefully after this next book I finish reading, I can find something vampire ... fae ... Demon ... Angels ... WHATEVER, as long as it's not animal shifting, to read cause I'm tired of this right now.

I actually think I'm going to re-read If Angels Burn by Lynn Viehl ...

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