Monday, May 16, 2011

Go Fetch by Shelly Laurenston

Magnus Pack, Book 2

This was definitely better than book 1. This book focuses on Miki and Conall. Miki is one best friend of Sara, alpha female of the magnus pack. Conall is basically the second in command of the Magnus Pack.

Miki is a high-strung genius who leaves Texas to visit her friend Sara in Cali, before heading to Seattle to speak on her thesis at a college. She gets hooked up with Conall after she was attacked at a party by some androgynous male/female. We knew from book 1 that Miki had a little toughness about her but book 2 shows us how badass she is with a gun, some steel toed Doc Martins and a chemistry lab. Since Miki is a brain, she has brainy friends who clue her into a professor that was looking into her personal information, all while Conall began to wear her down about sex.

This book also introduces us to a large pack of hyena's who Miki disposes of by way of guns and chemically created fire in a pretty nice way. After all this, we find that the pack shows her just as much respect and love as one of their own which is a shoe in for what was to come with her and Conall.

Overall ... Better than book 1. I loved Miki because she was such a spaz at times and Conall because he turned into such a softie for her. Normally, I don't like that kind of thing but it was nice to see because he didn't turn completely sour puss like Wrath did in the Black Dagger Brotherhood book 1.

The only problem I had with this book was it seemed like there was no real reason why the hyena's were after Miki. It just seemed to me like they wanted to pick a fight ... Maybe I need to go read that part again? Who knows ...

OH OH OH one last thing ... Laurenston did something great for me. She didn't punk out and decide that Miki needed to be turned to wolf in order for her to have a relationship with one. We get a glimpse of how that kind of relationship works when we see Dr. Conridge and Van Holtz. So good on her for not punking out in that respect and still giving the pack a reason to want Miki as a part of their family.

3 1/2 Stars
IR: Miki(aa) Conall(w)

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  1. Nice blog. I love this book, I am a Laurenston fan and I believe she has a books out under G.A. Aiken also. Another good interracial book in the series is Beast Behaving Badly. I loved it because Blayne is pretty happy go lucky and as strong as Laurenston's other characters.