Monday, May 23, 2011

Bear Necessities by Dana Marie Bell

Halle Shifters, Book 1

This is my first experience with Bear shifters. I actually had the idea to do my own book about bear shifters but didn't find bears interesting enough. Anywho. Dana Marie Bell is an author who's new to me and I actually really love how she writes. Her writing is descriptive without being overbearing. So many times I'll be reading a book and the writer will want to throw in 10 and 15 dollar words, which is fine, but its a lighter read if the wording is something I would readily say in conversation. So Bell is great about keeping her writing flowy in that respect.

Anyway ... We start off the book meeting Bunny and Ryan. Bunny is a biracial bear shifter who is traveling with his cousin, Ryan, to visit his other cousin, Chloe. Upon their entry to this town, they both find mates immediately ... Bunny finds his and the sex begins. Meanwhile, Ryan is having trouble with his mate who isn't accepting of it since she's human. Over the course of the book Chloe is badly beaten and we never find out who did it ... SPOILER COMING: In my opinion, it was Gabe. He said something in this book to the tune of 'I already kicked her ass once,' and no one picked up on it. Aside from that, I have a real thing for Julian. He's a native american man with super long black hair and shifts into Kermode bear. I generally have a thing for Native's anyhow ...

The book wasn't all that interesting to me. I felt like the WHODUNIT kept going for way too long. There's also a second question answered about Gary, a rogue wolf who had been harassing Tabby. We don't find out why he'd been harassing her. When we were going to find out, the conversation was changed so this and the whodunit are things for book 2 but I won't be reading it. Why? THESE WERE THE LONGEST SEX SCENES I'VE EVER ENCOUNTERED! EVER! I nearly gave up around 70% in because each sex scene was just unforgivably long. I won't be reading book 2 when it comes out as none of the characters were interesting enough for me to want to continue to invest time in.

I thought Bear shifting would be awesome, which, in theory, it is, but the fight scene when Bunny shifted to bear, sealed it for me. It was so slow and boring ... I'll pass on this series.

1.5 Stars.
IR: Bunny (biracial b/w)

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