Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just me rambling ...

No, this isn't a review, however I must share my excitement. The other night, I got a full 8 hours of sleep. If you know me, you know that NEVER happens. Not only was a full nights sleep amazing, but I had a breathtaking dream in the process.

Because of the details and dialogue in the dream, I have a real concept for a book and man am I so excited. Never before have I ever remembered a dream in such detail ... Remembered dialogue or even what anyone looked like to the T. Bad thing ... Because I lack any type of creative writing skill, I'm in the process of either looking for a workshop on creative writing here in Dallas, or I will take an actual class at the community college.

I really don't know where to start, but I have this amazing idea and I need to bring it forth. Pray for me!


  1. You can do this and I'm praying for you!

    Authors Heather Long and Nikki Duncan are teaching a creative writing course in the Dallas area. I don't know the details but there should be more on their sites. I'll check with Heather too. Oh, and Candace Havens has an online writing workshop in her yahoo group.

    Go, Deva!

  2. YESSSSSSSSSSS THANK YOU SO MUCH! Looks like I wont be taking any classes this summer so I'm free for this! Thank you again!

  3. Here's a link to the workshop I mentioned http://nikkiduncan.com/writers-workshops/

    Keep us update on your progress!