Friday, April 8, 2011

Dreams' Dark Kiss by Shirin Dubbin

I've had my issues with this book since I first bought it. Nothing bad, but I just couldn't get started. When I first began reading it, I found that it was pretty dark and a little hard to handle. Don't get me wrong, I love a dark story but it was a rough read, meaning it was a little hard to follow. When you start, you're immediately plunged into Ciaran's world. She's a psychopomp, a person who guides souls to the afterlife. We learn about what she does, how she does it but we never really get the why (until later down the line). Anywho ... Without giving anything away, she meets a hot Hawaiian named Keoni who comes to her rescue as she's being attacked in the wasteland. Soon after that meeting, we meet Man and Beast, who want to 'mate' with her for a reason we dont find out until later, lol.

The world building is basically sick ... Shirin gives us a detailed look into each and every scene change. My favorite was when Ciaran first met Keoni and he was manipulating the Dreamscape right after he'd saved her. I thought that was pretty darn good.

This book was longer than Keeper Of The Way so there's more to hold onto, the world building is flawless, the storytelling is pretty damn good, but overall ... I wasn't quite sure if I liked it completely. Despite the fact that it had so many elements that I loved, I didn't just overall love the book. No reason why ... Absolutely none. Maybe it was the terminology ... Could be. Shirin does an excellent job of creating something completely new and getting you pulled into it. I know about vamps and weres and demons and such but this was SO new that maybe I just didn't get it completely. Nonetheless, it's definitely something I'd recommend to anyone as the work is really good.

3 Stars.
IR: Ciaran (Caribbean/Brit) Keoni (Hawaiian)

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