Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Diamond Heartstone by Leila Brown

This wasn't just bad ... It was terrible. Well ... It wasn't that it was so terrible, but it was something I'd write, lol. I'm not great with words, which is why my own book is taking forever to get written, but this is on par with what I do, LOL.

Ok ... Alycia is a college student who buys a heart stone necklace from a woman at a flea market for ten bucks. Come to find out, the heart stone was taken from a cat/man who was looking for a mate. Alycia is it. Anywho, this short story takes us to another world where Barrick, the cat man, needs a mate and paid 600,000 credits to the beggar to get it. After some sex, Alycia flees and lands in a neighboring neutral zone where the nearby king takes her for his pet. Barrick shows up and they have a fight, then Alycia is free to go with Barrick. The end ... Not joking.

It was just ... It was short, yes, I knew that going in ... But I didn't think it would be so lacking. It actually reminds me of the fanfics I used to write years ago. There was no world building, there was no character development, I actually really disliked Alycia because she was so wishy washy and I thought Barrick was just a jackass.

1 Star
IR: Alycia (AA), Barrick (White/Cat)

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