Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Shadow Walker by LA Banks

Neteru Academy, Book 1

First of all, this is my first LA Banks read. A lot of people keep suggesting her books to me but for some reason, I couldn't get interested in her. The only reason I purchased this book (on Kindle) was because the cover was so damn flawless.

Now ... Anyone I've been talking to recently knows what a struggle it was for me to read this book. Literally, the entire first half of this book was so boring and frustrating that I wanted to delete it from my Kindle all together. I was never a fan of YA/High School based books, whatever, but like I said, I liked the cover.

Sarah is a child of basically lesser gods. Her parents stopped a literal Armageddon and she's struggling to find out what her talents are. Her twin brother, Alejandro, already knows what his talents are and is ready to claim his place at the Neteru Academy where they will be developing their skills.

The entire first half of the book was about our uninteresting heroine, Sarah, her best friend Tami, her brother Al and Tami's brother Valencio. Even though it was mostly about Sarah, it was still boring all the same. At times, you wanted to strangle Sarah for being a goodie two shoes, then you wanted to beat the crap out of Tami for being a jerk, you wanted to behead Al for being an a-hole and love Val for just being himself. As with any high school book, you encounter jealous girls, bullying and so-called boyfriend stealing. The only added pleasure was that at the midway point, you get some real action.

I had to talk myself into reading this book several times. If you're reading it and wanting to put it down, skip to the halfway point and read from there, that's when things kick into high gear, get interesting and get to a point where you actually want to see Sarah and her friends succeed in what's going on.

Will I read the second book when it comes out? Probably yes. Why? Because I'm apparently a glutton for punishment.

2 1/2 Stars
IR - Most of the kids are of multiple ethnicities.

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