Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Hunted by LA Banks

Vampire Huntress, Book 3

I think I'm going to take a break from the series for a while because now I'm getting all 3 books mixed up, lol. Anyhow ... I can't really say that this one is better than the rest, I think the information in this book was better although it was about the same repetative. The dialogue wasn't so bad but everything else was bugging me. *sigh* ... Ok let me really get to talking.

In this obok, the Warriors of Light have to head to Brazil to deal with some unmentionable bad where there was an open or partially open portal. Our Carlos is digging himself deeper and deeper and I kind of want to skip a few books ahead to see how it turns out (even though I already know because I read the Neteru Academy book 1). It shouldn't be a secret that he, indeed, lived through book 2 to make it to book 3 with another assignment and another card he's forced to play ... This book is full of drama. I actually like it because I can actually feel it. When Damali feels hurt, it really hits hard and the same with Carlos, it hits hard ... Just crushes you to see either one of them hurt in regards to the other.

In this book, we also meet a group of 'men' in Brazil and one has ties to Marlene that Shabazz is ready to beat the guy over. I thought that was pretty good ... Anything dealing with that part of Brazil was awesome. We got new info, met up with new things but didn't get to see the full extent of those guys, that was the only downside.

The final fight scene between Damali and were-'thing' was so lackluster that it almost made me angry. She got off too easy, the way they left the area was too easy ... Just ... Whatever.

At this point, I'm not sure if I plan to continue the series, but I really want to. If I could find a detailed summary of books 4-12, then I'd read that.

3 Stars

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