Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dark Lover (revisited) ... A Discussion

I always had a problem with JR Ward and her depiction of The Brothers. Of course, the problem being that none of them are of any other race. Even Xhex, who is a train of a woman, is white. Anyway ... When I first started the series, I was always under the impression that Darius (the Brother who died in the beginning of book 1) was black but it seemed like everyone didn't think so. So I revisited the beginning of the book and read a few lines and decided to open it up for discussion.

If you have the physical book, on page 11 of Dark Lover (chapter two) it says "Darius was a blurry shape, his dark coloring and black clothes the only information Wrath's vision gave him."

Then on page 66, Wrath describes Beth has having "creamy swells" for breaths. Now that sounds like her boob area is creamy in color.

So if he saw Darius as dark color and Beth as creamy, wouldn't that constitute Darius as black?


  1. I actually thought this as well. I love the series, but you are right about that. But it is not like it isn't possible for a black man to have white kids. We have never had a description of Beth's mom. But that is interesting.

  2. That's definitely true about not having a description of Beth's mom ... But still ... Even so, why are their no more Brothers or even Chosen, that are at least darker than the rest?

  3. Or he could just have olive Mediterranean skin...because that would mean John Mathew is black and...that's not the case. But then again it would make since being that the black guy died before the story even began lol
    I love these books but the lack of diversity kills my lady boner. Seems like there are absoluy no non-white vampires in Wards universe.

  4. I'm with you, Parrot. And that olive Mediterranean skin tone is incredibly beautiful ... Yikes!

  5. Yeah, the whiteness of the BDB world is hard to miss. It... grinds. She inexplicably cribs from hip-hop culture (or, she tries, anyway) and yet the ONLY clearly nonwhite characters are... the Shadow brothers? Trez and iAm? Seriously? The Moors? Seriously?? (And maybe De La Cruz— buuut then again, maybe not.)
    Yeah, it's pretty clear these books were never meant to be read by nonwhite people. Awesome, thanks!

    My Mary Luce is black. Didn't do it on purpose; that's how I saw her based on her personality (self-contained, unentitled, brutally realistic). By the time I got to the one place where here skin color is mentioned (creamy boobs, yet again, AARGH!!), it was too late, my mental image was set. So there, JRW!
    And the crazy thing is, it works shockingly well. Some things take on a Whole 'Nother Level Of Meaning when she's black. (As when someone says, "Huh. You're not his usual type," and she kinda misunderstands what he means.) That one change made Lover Eternal my favorite by far.