Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Bitten by LA Banks

Vampire Huntress, Book 4

I know I said I wouldn't read any more of this series but I couldn't help myself. What I read in the Neteru Academy book kept the wheels turning so I had to pick up book 4 (thank God for half priced books). Let me tell you something ... I have never been so proud of a heroine in my life. When the book starts, we find out Damali has fangs ... *smh* ... And Carlos is clearly rattled, as well as the team, because they don't really know how it could have happened when she was not supposed to ever be turned. This new 'life' of hers puts her next to Carlos in the midst of a meeting of the 4 master vampires of the world, plus their wives.

The scene that makes me proud is when Damali punks the wives. It is GLORIOUS! I tell you ... I was so excited while reading this that I couldn't even breath (almost). There were so many wonderful things that happened in this book that I can't really say anything without giving it away. OMG ... So good ... Just so good ... Yall ... *smh* I'm going crazy right now. Love it, love it, love it.

5 Stars

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