Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Upcoming Books

I've read the entire Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Mostly, I bought the book from Half Priced Books, amazon.com or borrowed them from a friend, the last I bought for Kindle. I looked up the next book entitled Lover Unleased and I found that it's a hardcover and for $15!!! Is anyone else completely appalled by that price? I am ... I see nothing about a Kindle version and I refuse to buy that book if I don't get a $7.99 or less Kindle version. Release date is March 29, 2011.

Iron Crowned, for me, was more anticipated than Mercy Blade (until I read Mercy Blade and it blew everything out of the water), but when I saw the hideous cover, I backed off a bit, plus I hadn't been keeping up with Richelle Mead's blog as I had been. Anywho, Iron Crowned is book 3 of the Dark Swan series. It's a series that's overshadowed by the vampire bandwagon that people are on right now. When this book comes out, please give it a try. I know it will be amazing, as the other two books were. Release date is February 22, 2011.

Dark Swan 3 - Richelle Mead
Black Dagger Brotherhood 9 - JR Ward
Shadowchasers 3 - Seressia Glass
Darkyn #? - Lynn Viehl (she told me that the publisher didn't want to continue the series but I'm holding out hope still).
Ashen Twilight 3 - Rae Lori
Hunter Kiss 4 - Marjorie Liu