Monday, January 10, 2011

Mercy Blade by Faith Hunter

Jane Yellowrock, Book 3

Is it a rule that the highest star value a book can get is 5? I sure hope not cause this book was a 10.

This is definitely the best of the series. Yes, I loved the other two but this was on a whole different level. The action was nearly non stop and the ending ... I'm FUMING ... It's a good fuming.

I usually do a Good Point/Bad Point but everything in this book was amazing. Evie (Molly's sister) will throw you for a loop and you will be PISSED but still love everything.

I can't even give a proper review because I'm just trembling with excitement.

Maybe I should calm down and start again?

NO ... Ok ... There's more action in this than the last two, the 'who did what' is way more intricate ... There's more chocolate in this book *cheeky smile* in the form of the Mercy Blade ... Jane is like ...

Ok there's a part where she's basically just gone Beastial in human form and her voice drops an octave and just ... Amazingness happens.


Heavy anticipation for the next book. Big hi-5 to Faith Hunter who has dethroned Richelle Mead as my favorite author (even though I still love her dearly).

10 Stars
IR: Derek and the Vodka boys are black.
IR: Deon is black and gay.
IR: Mercy Blade is a black french spaniard with chocolate skin (yum)
IR: Many of the vampires of note are black or mixed heritage
IR: Rick is actually French and Native American, I didn't pick up on that in the last books.

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