Friday, January 14, 2011

Keeper Of The Way by Shirin Dubbin

I was actually excited to read this book. The imagery was pretty damn wonderful and the picture I got of the different species and the party was magnificent. There was one problem ... One major problem ... The book ended before I could blink.

It felt like just the beginning. Everything that happened ... Felt like it was just the beginning and their should have been more. I kind of feel sucker-punched, lol.

This book had massive potential to be amazing and I can find myself easily hooked on this author, but if more of her books are this short, I might stay away ... Only because I'll want more and know I can't get it.

How many stars do I give it? I don't know ... I feel like I don't have a whole book to rate. I'm lost! LOL ...

I think I will buy the Dreams' Dark Kiss from ... Seems to be longer than Keeper Of The Way and therefore I can really get lost in it the way that I like to.

Here's my plea to Shirin Dubbin ... GIVE US MORE KEEPER OF THE WAY! Lol.

3 Stars?
IR: Nia (biracial)


  1. I'm sorry, Deva. I didn't mean to sucker-punch you *LOL* but I'm glad you enjoyed Keeper. Yours is the one complaint I've heard with each of the novellas I have available—and folks seem to really like them despite that. Dreams' Dark Kiss is longer and darker; it'll be interesting to hear what you think of that one.

    Here's the good news: The book I've just finished is about the same length as DDK but all the reports I've gotten back say it is completely satisfying and an action-romp. I think you'll like it and will email you with the details as I get them in. I'm also working on a new book which will be my longest yet. It's urban fantasy with ghosts and I'm luving writing it.

    With all of that to consider, will you forgive me for blindsiding you? [puppy dog eyes]


  2. YESSS, I absolutely will. Any chance Keeper will get maybe ... I don't know ... A second part. Can there be second parts to Novellas? I swear, I'm going to go to bed tonight wondering how Nia handled her new found status, lol. I think that's what I was really looking forward too mostly ... That plus the awesome bond-mate.

  3. Thank you! ^_^

    You know, I've been thinking about expanding or writing a sequel to Keeper for a while now but the story hasn't come to me yet. Maybe it's because Nia'mora and her bond-mate got their happily ever after, and in my mind, are living the good life. Hm, I'll try to think of what comes next for them. Perhaps they could use shaking up... I like him too. He's one of my favorites. What does he look like in your head? Here's what I envision.

  4. That cast is absolutely perfect. And your choice for Nia is flawless, I love that woman!

  5. Cover looks great, love Shirin's comment! I'll have to check it out for sure.