Tuesday, January 11, 2011

BittenByBooks Chat with Faith Hunter

Bittenbybooks.com had a chat session and contest going on with Faith Hunter and I got some questions answered. This is great. Normally I'm never home for a chat session with my favorite author and just happened to catch this one today. Although there was a contest going on, I was really only interested in Faith Hunter, Jane Yellowrock and Beast. BTW, I feel like such a nerd for being so excited about this!

1. I recently just talked 3 people into buying your book. I bought the book AND the Kindle version. So first question, do you get more purchases from the physical book or the Ebook?

FH: Physical book at this point, but that is always fluid.

2. Second question, If Gee were not a Mercy Blade and just a vamp, would Jane consider him as a mate?

FH: Beast might. :) Jane has enough men in her life right now!

3. Third question, does Beast like Gee as a mate for Jane?

FH: Beast wants someone strong, so she would go for a good fighter!

4. Fourth question, Evie got burned so I doubt she’ll try to trick Jane ever again, but do you think she would? She has an agenda and it’s killing me to find out what it is.

FH: Then Raven Cursed is right up your alley. Raven Cursed is aaaaall about Evie!

5. I appreciate a good IR paranormal and therefore appreciate the use of many different races in your books. I especially love the fact that Jane is Native American. What made you go forth with using a Native American heroine?

FH: I discovered that my ethnic history is huge % of Cherokee and Choctaw. A personal quest into the Cherokee mythos led me there.

6. I have a thing for Derek and the Vodka boys. Are they purely fictional or based off of someone you know?

FH: Fictional, but maybe (just a bit) based on the Unit TV show.

7. Will we see the Grindy again? And I mean get to see him this time and not just a blur, lol.

FH: Yes. We will! Raven Cursed!

8. After reading Blood Cross, I was really looking forward to more of Angelina, will we see more of her in Raven Cursed?

FH: Yes, we will. Um… Raven Cursed!

9. I know Mercy Blade JUST came out but I’m already waiting for Raven Cursed. When do you think it will be out?

FH: Deva, I think it will be in January 2012, but I am hoping a place opens up in the Pub’s list and they insert it in early. Hey, I can hope! Fingers crossed!


Is anyone else as excited for Raven Cursed as I am? GEEZE! Long time away!

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