Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Within The Shadows of Mortals by Rae Lori

Ashen Twilight, Book 2

Ariya is pulled back to her own Aziza realm and find that there is a threat she must deal with. In the midst of it, all immortals in the Earth realm are being attacked, killed or taken. We find later that those taken are used for experimental purposes. How they're taken, the procedures and Ariya trying to figure out what to do, is basically the entire book.

The action in this book is miles better than the first and this one didn't move as slow either. Ariya is a force moreso in this book than the first and you come to respect her much more as well.

Spoiler: Because of things that happened to Jace, he and Ariya have a hiccup that is quickly cured. Well ... Not cured ... But at least she was allowed to 'doctor' on him.

In the next book, I'm hoping to find out the answer to Ariya's question regarding Jace's wounds. And I'm also eager to find out how this relationship can work despite Jace's change of attitude. I'm also hoping it's a bit longer too ...

3 1/2 Stars
IR: AA(Ariya)/W(Jace)