Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Kindle Review

I FINALLY GOT A KINDLE! Ahhh! Once they dropped in price ($139) there was no reason I shouldn't get one. I actually bought mine from Best Buy instead of buying straight from Amazon which wasn't a big deal. The only thing was, I had to register it on Amazon so my books could be sent to it. Still no big deal.

1. No glare ... I haven't yet had a glare on the screen. Sure there is a really faint one in buildings with bright lights, but its nothing that will keep you from reading.
2. Battery life ... 1 month! Can you believe that? I was using Kindle on PC, and once I got an IPad, I was using it there. Since the Kindle devoted only to reading and not a million other things, I can enjoy books for a month before I have to charge again.
3. File types ... The kindle assigns an email address so that you can email files to your Kindle. HOW AWESOME IS THAT? It supports multiple formats from PDF (i wouldnt suggest that one) to DOC's, TXT and more ...
4. Wifi ... You can shop on amazon directly from your kindle, purchase and it will be delivered in less than a minute.
5. Ease of transfer ... If you have Kindle for PC, iPhone or iPad, amazon allows you to transfer the books you've purchased, to your handheld Kindle at no charge. I sent 20 ebooks to my Kindle and they all downloaded in less than 30 seconds.
6. Take your books anywhere! ... No one wants to tote around multiple books on vacations, in the car or even just going up the street. Thank goodness, this thing holds up to 3500 books on one device. I'm loosing my mind because of the awesomeness!
7. The value ... More and more books are written and not printed. Those that are not put in print are put in e-format for us to enjoy. Not only that, but those are always cheaper. Even books that come in print, will come in Kindle format and will be cheaper than purchasing the physical book.
8. Preview ... A lot of books on Kindle will allow you to sample the first chapter free.
9. Ease of use ... If you need the words to be bigger, you can make them bigger. If you want your device password protected, you can do that.

1. PDF ... Ive heard that other readers support PDF files. Kindle does also but it's not very good. When you open a PDF file on your Kindle, it shows you the entire page on that screen so the lettering is VERY small. In order to maximize it, you have to do it by percentage and pick what area you want to maximize ... Basically ... One square of the entire page will show on your screen once you maximize and you have to use your arrows to move it from left to right, up and down, to read your PDF file. I don't suggest dealing with a PDF file on Kindle.
2. Screen savers ... Kindle comes with screen savers already added to the Kindle. You get pictures of Ralph Ellison and Mark Twain and other old authors. You can't customize this feature.

A lot of pro's and not a lot of con's ... I love my Kindle. I purchased a case for it from Wal-Mart for $15 and purchased a skin (a pretty blue butterfly with black sparkles) on ebay for $10. Amazon sells both skins and cases but they are more expensive.

Again ... I love my Kindle. I love my Kindle ... I LOVE IT!

Updated ...

Finally got around to updating my reading selections ... Check those out. If anyone has read them, let me know what you thought.