Friday, April 9, 2010

Taking Suggestions ...

I searched high and low for an Interracial Paranormal book that I hadn't read. I found a few, but they were on the erotic side and I absolutely can't stand those more than Romances.

I found 1 more by D. Renee Bagby that I'll most likely be buying if I can find it at a better price. "Adrienne" ... The male is asian ... Yum!

Other than that ... I'm ultra picky when it comes to cover art. Sometimes, I buy books based on the cover art alone (Unclean Spirits), so the others that I found ... The cover art didn't draw me in. *sigh* ... I should stop that, really.

Any suggestions?

Edit: I just found it on google to read up to page 312 (amazon says there are 320 pages). WHOA! ... Adrienne by D. Renee Bagby.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Shadow Blade by Seressia Glass

Shadowchasers, Book 1

I had a hard time getting into this book when I first got it. As I said in a post before, it took me a while to just want to read it. But that night, after I wrote that post, there was action ... And it was glorious. Kira is a 20 something (25-26ish) Shadow Chaser who works for the Gilead Commission ... Basically, the good guys. She happens upon a piece of chocolate thunder, Khefar, whom she reads wrong in the beginning, but makes her tingle by the end.

Kira is like a black version of X-Men's Rogue ... Being that she can't touch people or she zaps their strength from them, maims them or kills them. Which is awesome because I always thought Rogue was the business.

This book uses Egyptian and West African folklore and mythology. Which is a major plus in my book because it seems like no one will touch that ... Probably because a lot of people don't pay attention to African mythology of any kind.

My gripes for the book are, it moved a little slow in the beginning ... But I won't count it against the book TOO MUCH because there was a lot of back story that we needed to know about before we could get to the ass kicking nature of the book. However, it was a bit repetitive, like we didn't remember anything. Another gripe would be that the characters are boring. Kira isn't. She's lovely. Khefar ... Who is 4000 years old is a bit boring but yet surprising. I love the fact that even though he's 4000, he keeps up with the Joneses. Lol.

The most colorful characters for me were Wynne and Zoo ... Wynne more than Zoo, but I love them both.

Am I getting the next book? Yes ... Did it leave off at a cliffhanger? No ... GOOD, I hate cliffhanger endings but Glass ended this book in a great way. Tied up the loose ends and the next book will take us through another adventure, as if it were a tv show.

4 Stars.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Other Books on My Shelf Include ...

I've been looking at my book shelf and there are some more books there that I have and never touched. For some of them, there's really no reason in particular, but for others, there are. If you've read any of these books, let me know what you thought of them. I have no motivation what so ever to read them.

Shadow Touch by Marjorie M. Liu --- I didn't pick this up because it's a Dirk & Steele novel and after reading Tiger Eye, I was kind of turned off.

Red Heart of Jade by Marjorie M. Liu - Same reason as above, although I do want to read it since the lead is asian ... is she asian? She looks black but asian ... I dont know.

Riding the Snake - No reason for not reading it ... I bought it during the time I was only reading James Patterson novels. I've read a ton of those.

Three Days to Dead by Kelly Meding - I actually started this book and put it down by chapter 2. It seems like it would be good but it didn't keep me. Also, I'm so used to reading interracial (If Angels Burn) or paranormals with severe amounts of asskicking from the start (Skinwalker), that this didn't do it for me.


Books that I can think of, that I've written reviews on are posted. A lot of them are months old, some have actually been done within the past month and a half. As the sidebar says, I'm currently reading "Shadow Blade" and kind of having a hard time getting through it. I'm on chapter 5 and I've had the book for over a week now. Normally, I can knock out a book in one day, two to three days tops if I have a lot going on but this one ... I don't know why ... It's just moving so slow for me and I can't make myself WANT to pick it up and read it. Hopefully that changes in the next day or so. I have other books that I really want to get to after this one.

Wish me luck ...

+++ Deva

Stay the Night by Lynn Viehl

A Novel of the Darkyn, Book 7

This book falls on Robin of Locksley and Chris, an FBI Agent. I cant say anything about the book except Alex stumbles upon something huge and your jaw will drop when you find out what it is.

I'm so disappointed that I feel like crying. When I got the book, I couldnt put it down until it was finished. I love Robin of Locksley, Jayr, Alex and Michael ... But for the first time, I was really starting to enjoy John. That's one thing that disappointed me about this book ... Viehl left a huge lose end with John and that breaks my heart immensely. Not only him ... but Guy (Nottingham) as well ... I don't feel like the book is finished ... I dont feel like the series is finished. I think one more book could finish the series off properly but I don't think Viehl really thought this one through ... It was as if she was trying to hurry and push through her next series of books, which I will not be reading.

I want to read them but I'm just so hurt and disappointed with this. It would have ended up being great, but there were too many things Viehl left undone and I can't get past it.

So disappointed.

4 Stars (because I know there wont be anymore coming)
IR: Alex (AA)

One more thing ... I went on Viehl's site and actually asked her about the awkward ending of this series to start another. She informed me that the publisher wanted this series ended ... When she told me that, I fell flat on my back. I wanted to cry at the time, lol ... Can't do anything about it. Just give Viehl a nice pat on the back for a series well done.

Twilight Fall by Lynn Viehl

A Novel of the Darkyn, Book 6

Im not going to lie to you. I dont remember a single thing about this book ... Not even from the end of Alex and Michael. I do know that this was a book I skipped through a lot because Liling was not interesting to me at all. OH wait ... I do remember that she can make flowers grow and they tend to make everyone feel a bit better about life ... Or something of that nature. Anywho ... I might try to re-read it, but if my memory serves me correctly, I wasn't digging it.

1 Star
IR: Alex (AA), Liling (AsA)

Evermore by Lynn Viehl

A Novel of the Darkyn, Book 5

Jayr, Byrne and Robin of Locksley ... Yes, you read that right ... THEE Robin Hood. I thought it was odd when I first found out that he was that Robin Hood but when i tell you that he's something wonderful ... He is. This is the first book of the Darkyn series that I've loved since the first book. Jayr is a scrawny woman, who people often mistake for a boy, however, her Lord, Byrne, knows of her beauty. As Alex and Michael visit, she asks for Alex's help while Michael has to make a big decision about Byrne's future.

So much goes on in this book but it will NOT confuse it. It's a page turner. Every single character in this book is amazing. I skipped nothing, I highly recommend it ... I would read it again. As a matter of fact, I think I will.

5 Stars
IR: Alex (AA)

Night Lost by Lynn Viehl

A Novel of the Darkyn, Book 4

Gabriel and Nicola didn't do it for me in this book. They're supposedly the lead of this book but I couldn't get into their story. I tried very hard but Alex and Michael still ruled all for me. However, it has a very nice twist at the end that you have to read the whole book to understand. It was better than the last book but still not nearly as good as the first.

3 Stars
IR: Alex (AA)

Dark Need by Lynn Viehl

A Novel of the Darkyn, Book 3

By the time this book came out, I was so into Alex and Michael, that I literally skipped through a lot of who the book was supposed to be about. I noticed, reading reviews of the series, that a lot of people gripped about this. I'm one of those people that wants to follow the debut characters around, they're debut characters for a reason.

I read this book a few months ago and I honestly cannot remember anything about the lead characters of this story. I just cant, it was that forgettable.

2 1/2 Stars
IR: Alex (AA)

Private Demon by Lynn Viehl

A Novel of the Darkyn, Book 2

Out of the entire series, this one wasn't a favorite of mine but it was better than others. I will definitely applaud the fact that Viehl keeps Alex and Michael in every book, even if they're centered on someone else. It was actually a bit forgettable until the end but I still read it page for page.

3 1/2 Stars
IR: Alex (AA)

If Angels Burn by Lynn Viehl

A Novel of the Darkyn, Book 1

I was on my usual search for Interracial Paranormal books on and ran across this. The reviews seemed pretty good so I bought it. This book features a black woman, main character, by the name of Alexandra. She's a famous reconstructive surgeon and she's called upon by a french vampire, named Michael, who literally had his face beaten away.

I gotta tell you ... This is the first interracial paranormal book Ive read, where the black female actually acts like a black female. Other black females in these types of books are kind of sugar coated and I really hate that. This woman is smart as hell, sassy and smartassy (yea i said smartassy). This broad never let me down. Michael is a sexy vampire himself ... I haven't gotten to the 2nd book yet, but I'll be ordering that this week. In the meantime, get this one. I loved it.

5 Stars

Blood Cross by Faith Hunter

Jane Yellowrock, Book 2

Is it better than the first? Maybe just a bit. I'm a big fan of a certain little person in this book who does something very big at the end. I love how Jane isn't alone. A lot of books with a main heroine that have powers, are usually 'alone in the world' but not Jane, she needs those around her and they love her like family.

Jane is kick-ass in this book just like the first ... Faith Hunter deserves a damn good hug for this woman.

5 Stars
IR: Jane (NA)

Skinwalker by Faith Hunter

Jane Yellowrock, Book 1

My best friend purchased this for me for my birthday and am I pleased! 6 foot, Native American woman with a personality. I've always griped about the female leads in paranormal books always seeming so boring (with the exception of Hunter Kiss) But Jane is not! She has humor, flare and also knows how to have a good time. I don't want to give anything away but she is definitely different from a lot of the female heroine's out there right now. She's at the top of the pile.

Another bonus ... NO ANNOYING SEX SCENES ... Just action and story!

Love the style of writing. The style changes when she changes and the way its woven in is absolutely wonderful.

5 Stars
IR: Jane (NA)

Unclean Spirits by M.L.N. Hanover

Black Suns Daughters, Book 1

I decided to buy the book because the premise was something that I could really get into. I loved what the book was about, I loved the story and loved 2 out of the 5 characters, the main character wasn't one of them.

The main character, Jayne, is 22 and whines like she's 12. THROUGH THE WHOLE BOOK she sounds like a whiney brat. You know that child in the mall thats sitting on the bare ground and pouting until she gets what she wants? That's Jayne.

Book One of the Black Sun's Daughter ... Daughter of the black sun ... Black Sun ... Daughter ... is never mentioned in this book at all. I suppose the author wanted to build up to it for the next book but Hanover should have at least given us a page of something that referred to it except for one 1 line.

Upon first seeing Aubrey, her love interest, she immediately knew she wanted this man, and has sex with him the first chance she gets ...

She finds out a few neat details about herself that proves useless through the rest of the book.

If you plan on getting this, Midian is wonderful ... And WHEN I buy the second book, he's the only reason I'm buying it.

Ex is a wonderful father figure and Jayne needs that badly. That girl needs to grow up, because if she acts like she did in the first book, I'm burning it.

Overall ... No, I don't recommend it unless you can take being annoyed.

1 1/2 Star

Serenity by D. Renee Bagby

It was a great story, but I thought it was written badly. The dialogue wasn't so bad but the actual writing of the book was juvenile and lame. It read as if a high schooler wrote the book and that bothered me the whole way through. It felt rushed, the story pulls you in and you definitely want to keep reading til the end but in the end, I feel like I wasted five bucks when I could have only wasted 2.

2 1/2 Stars
IR: All Humans (Brown Skin) and brightly colored Demons.

Ebony Eyes by Kei Swanson

I actually bought this book last week and was excited to get it. I was just looking for something interracial to read. I hate romances. This book is a romance. I knew that when I bought it but I really wanted a black woman/asian man combo so that was my reasoning behind buying it.

I struggled to read 4 chapters of this book before I finally gave up. It was so disappointing. No, it wasn't disappointing, it was just flat out bad. Corie Rickman was rich and well known but annoying, whiny and childish. Laine seemed to be a pretty sexy man but the author continued to make a point of Corie ALWAYS noticing his bulging muscles.

He was the worst cop EVER. He's the type of undercover cop that, if this had been real life, would continuously blow operations on a regular basis. It was just appalling. This book seemed nowhere close to being realistic. This woman was living in her mall bookstore with a cat ... No. Did I mention she was childish and whiny? Oh I did? I need to say it again ... Annoying and childish! There were so many things wrong with this book right down to grammatical errors and repeat descriptions.

0 Stars

Step Into Darkness by Naomi Bellis

I still have no idea how a romance book wound up in front of me. I absolutely despise romances. Actually, I know why I read it ... It said something about magic, so I thought I would give it a shot. The amount of magic in the book is nearly non existent but it's actually a very good story. It's a historical romance, which I can stomach more than regular ones and Gentleman Jack is actually pretty damn fine. But still ... It is a romance.

3 Stars

Monday, April 5, 2010

Retribution by Jeanne C. Stein

Anna Strong Chronicles, Book 5

Now her problem is with Burke and Williams. The girl can never catch a break. When someone in the police department dies, Williams, in essence, goes crazy and blames Anna for it. Rightly so, because she's so stubborn that she won't ask the appropriate questions or sit down long enough with the right people to learn anything. Burke and Williams' anger are tied in together, this one is a pretty good read also.

4 Stars
IR: Max (Sp)

Legacy by Jeanne C. Stein

Anna Strong Chronicles, Book 4

We deal with Gloria in this book. Gloria is the girlfriend of her bounty hunting partner ... And she hates Anna ... Anna hates her. However, in this book, she comes to Anna for help. Not only does Anna help Gloria, for a price, but she has to deal with the werewolf/ghost of her 'special friend' from book 1. Definitely a good read, I liked it a lot ... A lot more than the others, I recommend this one.

4 Stars
IR: Max (Sp)

The Watcher by Jeanne C. Stein

Anna Strong Chronicles, Book 3

In this book, we focus on a witch, Belinda Burke ... Sort of. Belinda was put out of commission too easily for my liking, but she shows up in book 4. Max also comes back into play in this book and now he has a choice to make. This book wasn't as good as the last but still better than the first in the series. Nothing to write home about.

3 Stars.
IR: Max (Sp)

Blood Drive by Jeanne C. Stein

Anna Strong Chronicles, Book 2

Definitely a big step forward. This book was miles better than the first on every page. In this book, we come across a young woman by the name of Trish who might have ties to Anna through her deceased brother. This really good plot drags quite a bit, has a lot of sadness as well, and references to child pornography which made things heart wrenching. Great step forward for Anna as she continues on her quest to find out what's so special about herself.

The downside is that this book was as predictable as the last.

3 Stars.
IR: Boyfriend (Sp)

The Becoming by Jeanne C. Stein

Anna Strong Chronicles, Book 1

A friend bought me this book a week before Christmas. She was spot on because she knows what I like to read. I appreciated the fact that it wasn't a textbook romance novel ... No sex scenes ... I was grateful for that. However, I felt the dialogue was just terrible. Anna, the lead character, was actually pretty lame and gullible. The story was alright, I finished the book, but it took me a week to do so ... Im so used to having a book that I can't put down that this disappointed me a little. So yes, the story was alright, the dialogue was terrible and the outcome was predictable. I would recommend it to someone who doesn't read as much as I do, or doesn't expect much from vampire books. I give it 3 stars because 1) I finished it, 2) 'Casper' intrigues me, and 3) I want to find out how she stumbles about being a vampire on her own without the help of the vanquished Avery. I'm hoping the next book is better than the first.

2 1/2 Stars
IR: Boyfriend (Sp)

Thorn Queen by Richelle Mead

Book 2 of the Dark Swan Series.

This goes leaps and bounds over the first book. If I say one thing, I give too much away and I don't want to do that with this book. Dorian is amazing ... Kiyo is wonderful (even though some think he's annoying) and Jasmine is actually a bit surprising in this book. It's definitely a page turner.

Mead left us on a cliff hanger, but not the kind that will have you biting your nails. This book gives you an ending but prepares you for the next. Great job on this one, I love it.

5 Stars
IR: Kiyo (Spanish & Asian mix)

Storm Born by Richelle Mead

I didn't like how it started out, I didn't like the fact that guys were trying DESPERATELY to get her pregnant but once I forced myself to read it, I loved it. King Dorian made my day and really saved the book for me. Also, I fell in love with Volusian. But over all, it's a really great book, great story, love the twist with Jasmine ... This book was pretty good, I just hate it took me so long to get into it. I'll be getting the second.

4 Stars
IR: Kiyo (Spanish & Asian mix)

Tiger Eye by Marjorie M. Liu

Dirk & Steele, Book 1

One of the main characters in this book is a shape-shifter. He goes from Tiger to Human. Now his woman, who got him from a magical box that's 2000 years old, has sex with him ... And once they're done, he turns into a tiger.

It's a paranormal romance ... So weird shit is to be expected ... Its my favorite genre to read.

But the fact that ... They fucked, as humans, and he stayed in her when they were done. This damn book don't tell me nothin about him pullin out when he changed to a tiger ... SO IN ESSENCE ... She had tiger dick in her and was all ... ooo so beautiful.

Bull shit!

And to top it off ... They get ready to fuck again ... And he asks her if she wants him as tiger or man and she says ... I love you either way ... And then he fucks her ... as a tiger.

Book over for me ...

Ok no really I read the whole thing because I loved what the book was supposed to be about ... It's part 1 in a series called 'Dirk and Steele' ... Its the agency that the main character works for. It's a set of people with phenomenal gifts, that was ONE of my initial reasons for buying it. The other reason was that it was supposed to be Interracial. I do believe the male lead, Hari, was some kind of ethnicity ... Although I'm not sure which, I just know that his skin was on the brown side. Like I said ... I loved what the book was supposed to be about ... not how it actually went when I read it ... I hated the fucking an animal part (and shes pregnant at the end of the book).

Yea book over ...

I don't really recommend this ... Which is sad because it's by one of my favorite authors ... Marjorie M. Liu.

2 Stars
IR: Hari (brown skin)

Dark Hunger by Sara Reinke

Book 2 of The Brethren Series

My reasoning for reading the first book was lost in the second. My friend told me about how wonderful Lina and Brandon were together, however, I did quickly grow to love Rene. This book focuses on Rene and Tessa, leaving out Brandon and Lina ... Not completely, but they're only supporting characters. I was really disappointed with it and found myself skipping a lot of what I thought was nonsense. However, by the middle of the book, I was back into it and the end was a shocker. Definitely a cliffhanger. Sara knows how to get you to want to read the third, however, if my first two do not have a large presence in the third, my next review won't be quite as nice.

3 Stars
IR: Lina (AA)

Dark Thirst by Sara Reinke

I had been searching for a long time for a paranormal book featuring a black female 'star' so I was excited about this book and the series. When I bought it, I was disappointed that it was a romance as I'm not really into those. I bought it moreso because of the vampires so I was looking for lots of fangs, necks ripped out and the whole 9 yards. Anywho I liked the book but I found myself ready to skip a lot of it because it was moving a bit slow. But I had to remind myself that this is the first book in a series so a lot of backstory would be in this book. Aside from that, you'll find a character named Lina, who is our centered female. She's a 26 year old black cop while Brandon, our white vampire is a 21 year old deaf/mute but sexy as hell. I didn't really like how into each other they were after about 2 days but it's a book, give a little.

3 1/2 Stars
IR: Lina (AA)

Darkness Calls by Marjorie M. Liu

Book 2 of the Hunter Kiss Series.

The second book in the 'Hunter Kiss' series. The first book, Iron Hunt, was a thrill to me. Sure ... It's not interracial, but the book is just damn good. This second part to the series did, however, leave me a teensy bit disappointed, but I feel like it will pick up later. Anywho ... In this book, Grant becomes the center of attention. That concerned me because I was waiting on Maxine to go effing CRAZY on them boys. But it was definitely a shock to see how much power Grant was holding. I loved how they finally showed us what the hell was up with Mary, cause that heffa was a little nutty ... I loved the archangel being present in this as the 'boss character' ... and as always, Maxine's little demons make me wish I had them for pets.

This one isn't as good as the first, only because they throw SO MUCH information on you and you have to go back and be like ... wait ... what? Also, the inner beast that's manifesting inside Maxine hasn't yet come to full power (that's what I was dying to get to with this book). We saw spurts, but I'm holding out hope that the next one will give us a bit more. I think it will.

4 Stars

Iron Hunt by Marjorie M. Liu

My sister gave me this book because I'd had some spare time during my lunch hour at work. I finished it in about a day and a half ... Just couldn't put it down. It's a paranormal, modern day story about a huntress with an incredible set of powers. Her tattoos are amazing little demon protectors and she has a very hot man in her life that she pays no attention to.

4 Stars


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