Sunday, November 21, 2010

Chosen by Jeanne C. Stein

Anna Strong, Book 6

In this book, Anna is back and becoming more and more vampire by the day. Now she's faced with these feelings that can range from pure rage to overwhelming lust. Her newest ability is sensing bad people ... Or vampires ... And when I mean bad people I mean people who are completely malicious, have committed heinous crimes and all of the above.

While trying to balance out the vampire side of her life with her real life, there is David, her partner, who hired someone, behind her back, to pick up her slack at the office (bounty hunting) when she's MIA. Although I was angry for her at first, the new bounty hunter (female) seemed to be a pretty decent gal.

Lance, her model vampire-boyfriend, plays a bigger role in this novel. Anna finds herself falling in love with him just in time for her to meet his sire, who is a son of a bitch. I can't say more without giving it a way, but damn ... *smh*

Daniel Frey ... They fight an attraction in this book due to the fact that he has a shape shifting girlfriend. I found myself wanting him to dump her because he seems better with Anna to me.

Good Point 1: We get some more of that sexy model Lance ...

Good Point 2: The story didn't drag or lack. I love being in Anna's head, even when no one else is allowed in.

Gripe 1: I feel Judy got off too easy in this book, but it opens up more novels to come in the series.

Gripe 2: Normally, I don't ever have a gripe about David but I'm starting to feel like he's pointless. However, he is her main connection to the human world and that has to be cherished. After what happened with him in this book, I just wish she would go on and tell him she's a vampire.

Overall, I thought this book was much more solid than all the rest. Good on Stein for that. It was a page turner, I loved the throat ripping and sassy comments throughout. Loved it, can't wait for the next.

4 Stars

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