Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Wild Light by Marjorie M. Liu

Hunter Kiss, Book 3

First let me say ... I gave books 1 and 2 shining reviews. However, over the past month, I reread them both and didn't like them nearly as much. I was basically upset with the fact that I loved the books in the first place. On my second reading, I give book one 3 stars and give book two 3 stars as well. Meh ...

Book 3. I preordered this baby last month so I was ready for it when it came out. I'd already re-read books one and two and was looking forward to this. In book 3 we get to see more of big bad Maxine. I have to say that there is a ton more drama in this book than in the previous books.


Good Point 1: We get some background information on our smaller characters like Byron, Jack, other Hunter ancestors (some stuff that will knock you out!) and the little demons that hug Maxine's body (thats where the drama comes in yall, and its good).

Good Point 2: Grant is still the sexiest crippled man EVER. I always thought he was sexy but now that otherworldly creatures are afraid of him (and Maxine) that makes things even better.

Good Point 3: Im so invested in these characters that I will continue with the series despite it being really mediocre.

Gripe 1: Sex scene ... There were no sex scenes in the first two books. The first two books only implied they were getting it on while in this one ... Oh yes you read about how they got it on.

Gripe 2: Info dumps. Every book will have a lot of info dumps, especially in a series. But this one had SO MANY info dumps that it was killing me to read it. I wanted to skip so much because it was really very boring but I knew I needed to read it. SCRATCH THAT ... It wasnt the info dumps ... It was Maxine's thought process. Maybe that bugged me.

Gripe 3: I felt like things moved way too fast. This book seemed really rushed and I don't know why. It almost seems like she was trying to hurry and end the series but that's not the case judging by how things turned out with the veil and all.


Maybe my tastes have changed because The Iron Hunt was literally the first paranormal book I'd ever read. I think the problem is there's hardly any dialogue ... Or maybe not. I don't know ... I was just so pained to read this at moments but I really WANTED to keep going. It's a page turner but I can't figure out why. Oh yes I know why ... The little demons, they keep me coming back.

SPOILER!!!! There is a werewolf ... And I kinda like it.

3 Stars

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