Friday, August 13, 2010

Shadow Chase by Seressia Glass

Shadowchasers, Book 2

Recently, I'd re-read book 1 so I could be ready for this one and I definitely enjoyed it more the second time around. Not only that, it really got me ready for this one.

This book starts only days after Kira and Khefar came back from the dead and were given new positions but the higher powers of Isis and Ma'at. This book outdoes the first in more ways than I really could have imagined. Honestly, I didn't think it would be better than the first book and was looking for a huge fail.

Key points: It wasn't as repetitive as the first book.
We get lots of new background information on Kira. Thank goodness!
Bernie shows up again in this one.

Sidebar ... I really wish we could have gotten some flashbacks or something to learn more about Kira and Bernie's relationship. I only say that because in book 1, it still felt to me like it was just a really nice work relationship they had, nothing that would scream father/daughter. We get that in book 2 but it would have been nice to get a little more on that

Key points: It moved so much faster than the first book.
There's more drama in this book.
The action is tons better in this book. LOVED IT!

Things to look for in the next book: SPOILERS! There are some things dealing with Bernie I feel like will come and bite us in the butt for the third book. Apparently he had some special artifacts that only Kira is to see and use her extrasense on. Ooooo, I was so hoping we would get to that in this one but I guess I have to wait until the next one. Also, the shadowling/avatar bitch that Kira faced in Between ... Definitely has to be back for the third.

I was also waiting for Kira to slip further into the dark side but surprisingly, her good side has just as much fight as her dark side. YAY!

This book just never left me feeling empty or bored. It was a page turner that I finished in a day and a half and am SO GLAD I read this. Yikes it was great. So for those of you who weren't into the first book, please make sure you get this one, it's great.

5 Stars


  1. I am reading this now and I love it too. The first and only book urban fantasy book I've seen with a lead African American female. It is nice that it isn't so typical and I like the story so far. Hope to do a review for it by next week or so *fingers crossed*

  2. You could also try Tananarive Due's books. They deal with witchcraft. Also there's LA Banks, she has black leads, although I haven't yet gotten to her series' but hope to during my winter break from school.