Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wind Follower by Carole McDonnell

I cant ... I just ... That ending sucked ass! I am so angry right now!


Satha is a 24 year old virgin girl from a darker skinned clan and she marries Loic, an 18 year old chiefs son from a mid-toned skin clan.

*takes a deep breath*

They marry ... Become pregnant ... Satha is raped and the child she is carrying dies ... She gets angry and tells her husband to avenge her and kill the man who raped her. He goes off to find this man ... Satha is kidnapped and sold into slavery with the white skinned people ... Loic becomes trapped by evil spirits at a house hold ... Satha agrees to have her slave holders child because his wife cant have any more children ... Loic learns the ways of the Creator and the Creator is going to keep him safe and deliver his people from the evil white skinned Angleni ... Satha has a child, a boy, like her owner wanted ... years later his wife has a boy successfull and Satha (plus her son) are cast out into the desert ... *sigh* ... Loic frees himself from the bonds of the evil spirits and ends up finding Satha ... They go home, yay yay yay ... No one wants to bend to the new ways ... Loic continues to tell them that if the 3 tribes don't follow The Creator, shit will happen ... The shit happened ... They were all enslaved by the Angeleni people ... Book over.

BULLFUCKINGSHIT!!!!!!! I am more than extra super sized pissed right now. These two people literally went through got damm living hell and still came up fucking enslaved. BULLFUCKINSHIT I HATE THIS SHIT I HATE IT. Bullfuckingshit.


The book started off slow but picked up by about chapter 3. It was definitely a page turner and I couldn't put it down, however, I found that a lot of the conversation between Loic and 'elders' was very boring and I would skip a page to get passed it. I loved reading about their struggles though but felt like ... They went through all this and got nothing out of it. There was no green grass ... Just more poverty and enslavement despite The Creator (and Loic) being the good guy. In all fairness, it wasn't Loic's fault that they failed, the three tribes were not interested in the Lost Book, only the tainted version that the evil spirits had been feeding them.

Still, I'm just so disappointed, this thing really pissed me off. Could have been a 5 star book but it's not. I just ... I cant.

3 1/2 Stars ... Bullfuckingshit

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