Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Unclean Spirits by M.L.N. Hanover

Black Suns Daughters, Book 1

I decided to buy the book because the premise was something that I could really get into. I loved what the book was about, I loved the story and loved 2 out of the 5 characters, the main character wasn't one of them.

The main character, Jayne, is 22 and whines like she's 12. THROUGH THE WHOLE BOOK she sounds like a whiney brat. You know that child in the mall thats sitting on the bare ground and pouting until she gets what she wants? That's Jayne.

Book One of the Black Sun's Daughter ... Daughter of the black sun ... Black Sun ... Daughter ... is never mentioned in this book at all. I suppose the author wanted to build up to it for the next book but Hanover should have at least given us a page of something that referred to it except for one 1 line.

Upon first seeing Aubrey, her love interest, she immediately knew she wanted this man, and has sex with him the first chance she gets ...

She finds out a few neat details about herself that proves useless through the rest of the book.

If you plan on getting this, Midian is wonderful ... And WHEN I buy the second book, he's the only reason I'm buying it.

Ex is a wonderful father figure and Jayne needs that badly. That girl needs to grow up, because if she acts like she did in the first book, I'm burning it.

Overall ... No, I don't recommend it unless you can take being annoyed.

1 1/2 Star

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