Monday, April 5, 2010

Tiger Eye by Marjorie M. Liu

Dirk & Steele, Book 1

One of the main characters in this book is a shape-shifter. He goes from Tiger to Human. Now his woman, who got him from a magical box that's 2000 years old, has sex with him ... And once they're done, he turns into a tiger.

It's a paranormal romance ... So weird shit is to be expected ... Its my favorite genre to read.

But the fact that ... They fucked, as humans, and he stayed in her when they were done. This damn book don't tell me nothin about him pullin out when he changed to a tiger ... SO IN ESSENCE ... She had tiger dick in her and was all ... ooo so beautiful.

Bull shit!

And to top it off ... They get ready to fuck again ... And he asks her if she wants him as tiger or man and she says ... I love you either way ... And then he fucks her ... as a tiger.

Book over for me ...

Ok no really I read the whole thing because I loved what the book was supposed to be about ... It's part 1 in a series called 'Dirk and Steele' ... Its the agency that the main character works for. It's a set of people with phenomenal gifts, that was ONE of my initial reasons for buying it. The other reason was that it was supposed to be Interracial. I do believe the male lead, Hari, was some kind of ethnicity ... Although I'm not sure which, I just know that his skin was on the brown side. Like I said ... I loved what the book was supposed to be about ... not how it actually went when I read it ... I hated the fucking an animal part (and shes pregnant at the end of the book).

Yea book over ...

I don't really recommend this ... Which is sad because it's by one of my favorite authors ... Marjorie M. Liu.

2 Stars
IR: Hari (brown skin)

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