Tuesday, April 6, 2010

If Angels Burn by Lynn Viehl

A Novel of the Darkyn, Book 1

I was on my usual search for Interracial Paranormal books on amazon.com and ran across this. The reviews seemed pretty good so I bought it. This book features a black woman, main character, by the name of Alexandra. She's a famous reconstructive surgeon and she's called upon by a french vampire, named Michael, who literally had his face beaten away.

I gotta tell you ... This is the first interracial paranormal book Ive read, where the black female actually acts like a black female. Other black females in these types of books are kind of sugar coated and I really hate that. This woman is smart as hell, sassy and smartassy (yea i said smartassy). This broad never let me down. Michael is a sexy vampire himself ... I haven't gotten to the 2nd book yet, but I'll be ordering that this week. In the meantime, get this one. I loved it.

5 Stars

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