Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Escape by Seven Steps

I love that sci fi futuristic type of thing so I thought this book would work for me. The heroine is a black woman on planet Venus where women are apparently the top dog. Theyre so top dog-ish to the point where the only men on the planet are there to work and be servants. Our heroine is in love with her servant, who she's had since the age of 7.

From the very beginning, the heroine, I think her name is Taylor, was annoying as sin. I know I said Jayne (Unclean Spirits) was annoying but this girl takes the cake. Basically, she wants to shout her love to the world but her servant, and love, keeps telling her to shut the hell up because they'll get in trouble. Which is true. I stopped at chapter 3, skipped to chapter 6, read to chapter 7 and then put the book away.

I absolutely cannot deal with a character that hard headed and dumb! This girl made me cringe and feel absolutely horrible for her servant boyfriend. Piece of crap, I hope that girl got killed or somethin cause she wore me out.

0 Stars
IR: Taylor (AA)

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