Monday, April 5, 2010

Darkness Calls by Marjorie M. Liu

Book 2 of the Hunter Kiss Series.

The second book in the 'Hunter Kiss' series. The first book, Iron Hunt, was a thrill to me. Sure ... It's not interracial, but the book is just damn good. This second part to the series did, however, leave me a teensy bit disappointed, but I feel like it will pick up later. Anywho ... In this book, Grant becomes the center of attention. That concerned me because I was waiting on Maxine to go effing CRAZY on them boys. But it was definitely a shock to see how much power Grant was holding. I loved how they finally showed us what the hell was up with Mary, cause that heffa was a little nutty ... I loved the archangel being present in this as the 'boss character' ... and as always, Maxine's little demons make me wish I had them for pets.

This one isn't as good as the first, only because they throw SO MUCH information on you and you have to go back and be like ... wait ... what? Also, the inner beast that's manifesting inside Maxine hasn't yet come to full power (that's what I was dying to get to with this book). We saw spurts, but I'm holding out hope that the next one will give us a bit more. I think it will.

4 Stars

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