Thursday, April 15, 2010

Darker Angels by M.L.N. Hanover

The Black Sun's Daughter, Book 2

Thankfully, this book caught me from the beginning (unlike the last book). Maybe it caught me because of where it was set, New Orleans ... Maybe because there was a young girl in the book with the gift of Sight or maybe because it seemed as though Jayne was less annoying than in book one. Either way it goes ... This book is a lot better than the first.

Jayne, Ex, Chogyi Jake and Aubrey travel to New Orleans to help out an ex FBI agent, Karen, who wants to save a girl from being 'ridden.' As soon as I got a good grip on Karen, I already knew it would be a person Jayne would have some kind of a conflict with because she's what Jayne is supposed to be. One thing that I didn't expect was Ex ... WOW.

I have to shut myself up before I give away key points of the book but I will say ... I thought Jayne would have grown up a bit but no, Jayne is still annoying, there is still no mention of Black Sun's Daughter, and although the book has excellent cover art ... It has nothing to do with the heroine. Ugh ...

Definitely better than the first but Jayne still annoys me to no end.

3 Stars
IR: Potential interracial situation ... Just speculation. I believe Chogyi Jake is white, but he said in the book that he doesn't find white women attractive. I'll be looking out for that in the next books to come.

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