Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dark Passion by Sara Reinke

The Brethren Series, Book 3

Is Deva crying like a bitch? Wanted to but no, lol ... Wouldn't get me that easily. I picked up this book late last night and finished it just now ... My mind is blown. All the gripes I had about the second book are non existent when reading the third. I do not know how to put into words how I feel about this wonderful end of the series.

Ok first ... I do have 2 gripes. 1) Lina was annoying as HELL ... 2)Eleanor and the non-tying up of the ending.

Read the book and you'll know what #2 is about.

Anywho ... There were so many questions answered in this book. I wish the book would have been stretched to a book 4 so she could really cover all that information she packed in there ... But at the same time, I think she did a damn good job with putting it in that 1 book.

What else to say? I'm just dumbfounded ... All the info ... Things I'd wanted to know where answered as just ... *sigh* ... So happy with this. The book costs a pretty penny online, but hopefully you can find it cheap at a Half Priced Books like I did ... Its worth scouting for.

4 1/2 Stars.
IR: Lina (AA)

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