Monday, April 5, 2010

Dark Hunger by Sara Reinke

Book 2 of The Brethren Series

My reasoning for reading the first book was lost in the second. My friend told me about how wonderful Lina and Brandon were together, however, I did quickly grow to love Rene. This book focuses on Rene and Tessa, leaving out Brandon and Lina ... Not completely, but they're only supporting characters. I was really disappointed with it and found myself skipping a lot of what I thought was nonsense. However, by the middle of the book, I was back into it and the end was a shocker. Definitely a cliffhanger. Sara knows how to get you to want to read the third, however, if my first two do not have a large presence in the third, my next review won't be quite as nice.

3 Stars
IR: Lina (AA)

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